Executive Search – COO & Member of the Executive Board

Executive Search - COO & Member of the Executive Board

The COO will be accountable for the strategy and the operational performance of global Operations including the cooperation with Contract Manufacturers (CM’s) as much as for strategic sourcing, supply chain management, logistics, Quality, Manufacturing Engineering, Test Engineering and IT/Business Systems/SAP. The COO will locate in Deggendorf and should become a “go-to” person in the Vorstand for the local team.

Main tasks


  • Tightly cooperate with the other three executive board members (CEO, CTO and CFO) as a cohesive team driving the day-to-day business and the long-term strategic planning. Functionally speaking day-to-day tasks are shared as follows: CEO – Sales & Marketing, CFO – Finance & HR, CTO – Engineering & Product Management, COO – Operations (incl. supply chain), IT, Quality
  • Taking care of Employees’ retention and development
  • Presence in Deggendorf and become the “go-to” person in the Vorstand for the local team


  • Install global strategic concepts in operations to achieve high-level worldwide operational excellence while using well-functioning operations as a true USP to customers beyond technology and design
  • Further improve a transparent and reliable KPI system to continuously monitor operational performance in the management and for reporting to the supervisory board (Aufsichtsrat)
  • Drive a continuous improvement process to achieve excellent productivity performance on a global scale
  • Review and optimize strategic cooperation with the three selected CM partners (Taiwan, Romania, Malaysia) 
  • Overall responsibility to permanently optimize material sourcing while negotiating best terms and maintaining good partnerships with main sub suppliers i.e. PCB, CPU & mechanics suppliers
  • Streamline material forecasting and planning to ensure optimal lead times, aligned with customers’ needs
  • To support new product introductions (NPI’s) with the aim to facilitate serial production in a timely manner
  • Overall responsibility for Manufacturing Engineering, Test Engineering, global supply chain management and logistics (including repairs)
  • Export control & customs


IT & Quality

  • Take over responsibility for IT & Quality (currently still under the CFO & CTO respectively)
  • Continuously improve IT-systems to increase efficiencies and move towards digital/paperless work flows

General tasks

  • Integration of completed M&A targets into the overall operations structure (PMI)
  • While being based in Deggendorf, regular traveling to other offices, customers, and manufacturing partners is self-evident


Direct Reports

  • Director Supply Chain 
  • Director Operations
  • Director IT/Business systems
  • Director Quality 
  • Various WW matrix functional reports

Professional requirements

Must have

  • Solid knowledge and experience in state of the art practices of working with global contract manufacturers (CM’s) and in SCM methods, covering the whole value chain from supplier up to the customer
  • A significant personal experience doing business and negotiating contracts in Asia
  • Significant experience with electronics assembly; could be in a wide variety of markets such as PCB assemblies, semiconductors, passives, sub-
  • assemblies etc. 
  • Leadership and managerial experience in a globally structured organization with solid operational practices (“best practices”)
  • Solid and comprehensive understanding of quality process and quality management systems

Very welcome 

  • Understanding and experience of integrating advanced System Software of offerings within a Hardware product offering

Personal requirements

  • An outgoing and people-oriented leader who understands the importance of building relationships with subordinates, regularly engaging with them in 1/1’s, group meetings and social events
  • Open, honest, straightforward and fully transparent; a “go-to” type of person and not a micro manager 
  • Comfortable with working in a leadership team that encourages strong debate but is fully aligned behind agreed decisions
  • A solid negotiator (i.e. business partners, suppliers)
  • Pragmatic and culturally adaptive
  • To be located within an acceptable driving distance of the Deggendorf location or at least to be full time present during the week in Deggendorf (the people management aspect makes home office arrangement impossible)

Telefon: (0228) 36 94 09 – 0 Email: info[at]mbmanagement.de

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