Executive Search General Manager (Geschäftsführer)

Executive Search General Manager (Geschäftsführer)

A German subsidiary of a world leading provider that specializes in projects of
electro-mechanical installations in construction projects (buildings, factories
etc.). It plans to expand its activities in Germany and to offer services in a broad
range of electrical and mechanical installations and maintenance in building
industry such as air conditioning, heating & cooling, industrial installation and
fire protection systems. The German subsidiary is a great platform to expand
the business into the German market in this broader scale.

Main tasks

Overall responsibility for the company’s activities in the German market
including the full P&L accountability for all German-based accounts

  • To draw a new business plan for the German market while taking into account a steady growth in the mechanical space, respectively expanding the German business into electrical installation as well
  • Establishing new branches of the German subsidiary alongside the business expansion and winning more bids with the existing as much as with new clients and vendors
  • Building a solid company´s reputation in the German market and expanding its network
  • Recruiting new staff as the company grows while ensuring training and specialization as necessary
  • To maintain the yearly budget on a quarterly base with full accountability for cost effectiveness and regular reporting to headquarters
  • To ensure clients satisfaction at highest level of safety
  • To be the main contact point for the foreign headquarters and to regularly inform headquarters in all relevant market’s trends and developments

Key data for the position

Reports to the foreign headquarters (head of respective business unit within
the group)

  • Location: remains flexible
  • Travelling: the job requires extensive travel across Germany

Professional requirements

  • Proven managerial experience in a contracting company with a full P&L accountability either for a branch, region or other business that is structured as an independent business unit (responsibility for a business size of at least 20 – 30 Million Euro)
  • Very solid knowledge of the electro-mechanical space
  • Familiarity with the local German construction market, a good network and good existing relationships among developers, architects, planners, investors and other potential clients
  • A track record of success in contracting projects in the electro-mechanical space with a strong operational capabilities and excellent proven project management skills
  • Graduation in engineering (electrical and/ or mechanical) with an overall 10 years of professional experience
  • Fluency in German an English is a “Must”

Personal requirements

  • Strong managerial capabilities with emphasis on leadership and motivating employees, very good communication skills, openness and creativity
  • Mature, knows to handle frustration and personal stress, committed and takes responsibility for own mistakes
  • Confident and trusted, articulate, can solidly handle with objections and conflicts
  • Strong ability to train, teach, coach and nurture employees
  • Strong negotiation skills, persuasive presence
  • Strongly task oriented, getting the job done, dynamic, efficient and strongly business acumen
  • Can operate efficiently under stressful conditions, can work independently while taking decisions without close guidance and supervision from others
  • Entrepreneurial, initiate own ideas and solution to solve problems and improving
  • Hands-on and tasks-oriented (no management “from behind”)

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